History Fair Presentation

The most compelling History Fair presentation that I heard was Mariel Rojas’s project. Her project was based on “Political Cartoon: Necessary or Humiliated”. The successes where making fun of politics and the consequences where that it can cause trouble within the U.S.A and other countries.  I liked the project because there were severals visuals that you can see, and there were captions. When you read it, it makes sense and political cartoon is part of the USA constitution and you can express yourself freely.

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How did Fugitive Slave Act and Kansas-Nebraska Act increase tension between North and South?

Resisitance against the fugitive slave act requires citizens to capture and bring back slaves. This enraged northerners and wasn’t restricted to abolistionist. Others were forced to support the slave systems. Meanwhile, other states struck back by creating “personal liberty laws. Fugitive Slaves Act had states arrest slave catchers and kidnap. To increase slave act, popular sovergenity and dividing  states into two. Nebraska – Kansas Act mullified Misssouri Compromise by allowing slavery for 30 years.

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Northerner VS Southerner

Northerner Views of Slavery

In the north, slvaery was slowly declining. The white northerner believed that blacks were viewed as inferior. Northern states laws took away certain rights from free african american. While other had few experince with african americans, slaves and free. Northerner banker, milll owner and merchants recieve income from certain items they sell and by trading enslave people. Therefore, they feared that free slaves might come and compete for work.

Southern Views of Slavery

In the south, Southerner believed( thought) that god sent african americans to provide/give labor for the whites civilized society. By 1850, the southerner argued  and claimed that Northerner free labor system is, but hurting society that slavery did before. Therefore they believe that enslave people were “happy and healthy” then the Northerner African americans workers.

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Hello Chicago, USA – Guten Tag Hamburg, Germany

My City Chicago is a interesting city, with a historical background. There’s alot to do here, we have Navy Pier, Michicagn Avenue “Shopping Centre”, Civic Opera house, Musuem of Science and Industry (MSI), Art Institiute, Medical College Museum, History Museums, North Avenue Beach and Lincoln Park. In my spare time, I go to Navy Pier or Lincoln Park. There been alot of movies that have been filmed in Chicago in the last few decades/couple years. I live in the Gold Coast, which is a very good neighborhood to live in and it has beautiful homes. Chicago is big, beautiful and a peaceful place to be…

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Thinking Critically

1. Draw Inference- According to Locke, how should a society be govern? Why do you think he felt like this?

Locke believes a society should be govern by followed by a regulated rule. If the person is holding legislative or supreme power is followed by laws. If the people follow the laws and the person who’s in power controls , do well, then the governed society wil do well.

Identify Central Issues-What does Locke say can happen if a government fails to protect the rights of its people?

If the government fails to to protect the rights of it people, it willll end the peace, safety and public good for the people. Also, it will create fear, and corruption of the government and the power will be given to someone who won’t use it correctly.

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R for Rebellion paper outline:

1. Thesis statement and my stance on why I agree why rebellion is acceptable. ( 1 page)

2.(page 2, 3, 4) have three real- life rebellion written in a paragraph/summary. Then a explantion on why the rebellion occured.

3. ( page 5) Few paragraphs and a concluding statement/ paragrah.


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My thoughts on the “Future Rebellion” is that it’ll include an arguement which involves the government, people/citizens and violence.  There’ll be “topics” in the near future, that we’ll be rebelling against.

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1. COmpare- how do these two views outsourcing  differ? The two views on outsource are different is that it talks bout foreign labors and short wages. Sending jobs over seas because American Jobs are diminshing. The other views talks about that the jobs are scares and limited.

2. Analyze- DO you think Lou Dobbs or the writers in “The Economicist” would considered Columbian Excahge a danger to European or Native Americans?

In my opinon, I believe that the Coumbian Exchange gave harm to  Native Americans. It was all trading and exchanges of species, new qualities kind of animals. It gave harm because the European livestock ate all of Native American food that was esstenial for survial. SO Europeans population grew larger and Native American population grew smaller.

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  1. Which term best describe the majority of the government system in pre-Columbian America?

A) Hierarchical


  1. What can you conclude from Document B?

A) That Iroquois valued consensus

  1. In comparing Document A and C, a reader should conclude that Inca government was

B) An early stage of Pre – Columbian American Government


  1. What categories or types of government existed in Pre- Columbian America? What are some example of Native American people who developed each type of government? Use your knowledge of American History & evidence from the sources above to explain your answer.

The types of government existed in Pre- Columbian America was hierarchical, bureaucracy, egalitarian, and Constitutional. Native American created Constitutional laws. Native American such as Oneida, Cayuga, Iroquois, Mohawk and Onondagas made up the Iroquois Constitution. Inca civilization also created the hierarchical laws.

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  title=”Wordle: UNITED STATE HISTORY”><img
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